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Volunteers needed for a variety of positions


The Eucharist (Greek for Thanksgiving) is the ritual meal of bread and wine which is shared during our church services each Sunday to remember and thank Jesus for what he has done. Administrants are members of the Church community who help our priest serve the bread and wine to the rest of the church. Serving one another in this way helps bring us together as a community. For more information or to join this team contact Christine.


The choir leads the singing in worship. The choir meets for practice between services on Sunday mornings at 9:10 am. No previous experience is necessary and we welcome you. 


Our church is a community, so after each service we gather downstairs over a warm beverage to catch up and discuss whatever is on our minds, whether that is a deep theological point, what happened last week or the latest CFL game. We take turns to prepare and serve drink and cakes to facilitate the conversation.


In our church, the altar is front and centre. It’s where we, as a church, gather together every Sunday to eat and drink to remember what Jesus did for us. The Altar Guild work behind the scenes to keep the the area around the altar clean and beautiful. In this way we honour God and make a space to help people reflect and pray.


Through prayer, we talk to God. Prayer leaders pray aloud for a short period in the 10:30 am service to praise God and thank him for what he has done for us. We also ask him for what we would like and reflect on things that we are sad or worried about. The prayer leader is rotated each week, bringing a freshness to the prayers which helps the people engage with God in a new way.


Parish Council is a group of around 10 people including the wardens and priest. They meet once a month to ensure the smooth running of the parish and to discuss future projects. Nothing is too big or too small for Parish Council – they deal with everything from leaking gutters to the spiritual direction of the church! If you have any comments or suggestions,  please let them know!


Reading scripture lessons during the 10:30 am Sunday morning service, along with special services throughout the year, is an important part of our worship ministry. 


Out on the Town is a dinner group that meets once a month, excluding July, August and December. We pick a restaurant and enjoy a great evening of food and fellowship. We plan our dinners by email and are happy to have more people in the group.  


The sidespersons are the people who greet you and hand out the weekly bulletins when you arrive at St.  Andrew’s. They also assist you in finding a seat when necessary. Their other main duty is to collect the weekly offerings and to count and record them for the envelope secretary. After the service they tidy up the pews, kneelers and books. New volunteers are always most welcome. 


The Greeters have the enjoyable role of greeting everyone as they arrive for the 10:30 am service on Sundays, and make them welcome to our church. We also carry the sacraments up to the altar for Eucharist. New members are always welcome.

If you have questions about any of these volunteer positions, please reach out to Rev. John Chuol using the button below. 

Email Reverend John Chuol